Detecting Tooth Decay Under Crowns

If an underlying tooth is damaged, a dental crown can be placed in order to restore the protection and aesthetics of the tooth. People will often continue their regular eating and hygiene habits after the crown is placed because they assume the tooth is now protected like their natural teeth. However, the tooth under the […]

How To Choose The Proper Crown Color?

For the patient looking for the most natural-looking crown, it’s important to choose the right dentist.  Restorative dentistry is a blend of both  science and art. A good dentist with your best interest in mind will consider position, contour, texture and color to achieve the best aesthetic outcome possible to create a well fitting crown […]

Temporary Crown Care Tips

Temporary crowns have a key function during the process of getting beautiful, new permanent crowns. These temporaries function the same way your surrounding teeth and final restorative crown do. Although temporary crowns aren’t permanent, they should be treated the same as permanent crowns or natural teeth. Temporary crowns are made from acrylic resin and work […]

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