Bleaching a Single Dark Tooth

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Many patients will only have one discolored tooth and want to bleach it to match the rest of their teeth. Even one dark tooth can make someone self-conscious about their beautiful smile. Modern technology and advancements in dentistry have recently allowed us to be able to bleach a single dark tooth with various different dental procedures.

Why Bleach a Single Dark Tooth?

An individual may want to whiten their darkened tooth to give the appearance of being younger and healthier. Teeth will lose their shiny white appearance over time so many people choose to bleach their teeth simply to reverse the years of staining. Whiter teeth can help you make a better first impression, look astounding for special occasions and have a higher overall confidence level. Many people will choose this procedure because it is relatively inexpensive compared to other cosmetic procedures designed to counteract aging.

The Process of Bleaching with Custom Trays

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A bleaching tray that is designed for bleaching a single tooth will be made to fit your mouth’s arch. The tooth which will be whitened will have a window cut out of the arch. If a full arch tray is not made first, then the nearby teeth may lighten more quickly and cause uneven bleaching. The tooth will get whitening treatments for about 4-6 weeks. Whitening only one tooth can be a little slow because of the extra dentin layers that have formed on traumatized and darkened teeth.

Whitening Options

There are a number of different ways you can bleach your teeth other than these custom whitening trays. There is another technique called “walking bleach” in which your dentist will place bleach, seal it in, and remove it when you return to the office after 3-5 days. Inside-outside bleaching uses a combination of walking bleach and the custom tray method.

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