Temporary Crown Care Tips

DF3 Dental Crown

Temporary crowns have a key function during the process of getting beautiful, new permanent crowns. These temporaries function the same way your surrounding teeth and final restorative crown do. Although temporary crowns aren’t permanent, they should be treated the same as permanent crowns or natural teeth.

Temporary crowns are made from acrylic resin and work like a protective shield for the prepared tooth until it gets a permanent crown. Be aware though, that these temporary crowns have limited durability.

The most important question: Can temporary crowns be brushed and flossed?

Yes and yes, however you should be careful. Using an assertive brushing motion is not advised with temporary crowns. Although they are are quite strong, they can chip off or loosen from their temporary cement base if you are not careful with your brushing technique.

You should not use an electric toothbrush on your temporary crown. Instead, brush softly and carefully around your temporary crown with a regular toothbrush. You could also buy a children’s toothbrush, the softer bristles will be extra gentle on your temporary crown until your permanent crown is placed.

Flossing requires a little more attention, especially when removing the floss from temporary crowns. You should not floss normally, this means pulling it up through the tight space between the adjoining tooth and the temporary. This can damage the temporary crown and cause irritation. You should slowly and carefully pull the floss to the side in order to slide it out. In other words, do not pull the floss against the temporary crown. This will irritate the already sensitive area around the temporary crown and gums.

Dentists recommend flossing temporary crowns twice daily.

These smart care tips will guide you with caring for your temporary crowns until your new, permanent crowns are placed. By following these tips, you should have no issues in achieving your goal of a brand new smile. Learn more about Dental Crowns.