How To Choose The Proper Crown Color?

DF3 Dental Crown

For the patient looking for the most natural-looking crown, it’s important to choose the right dentist. Restorative dentistry is a blend of both science and art. A good dentist with your best interest in mind will consider position, contour, texture and color to achieve the best aesthetic outcome possible to create a well fitting crown that blends well with surrounding teeth.

How to Choose the Right Shade For Crowns

Your dental crown should match the color scheme of the surrounding teeth for the most natural look. Color perception is also affected by the reflection or interference from the surrounding colors which would include skin tone, hair color, as well as your eye shade.

Many dentists suggest to patients who are considering dental implants or crowns to get their teeth whitened before choosing the crown color so it is easier to match the crown to your natural teeth.

What do Dental Professionals Suggest?

Your dentist will work with a shade tab, to help create a lifelike restoration. He will usually then place the sample teeth or tooth in the proposed area and assesses how the color will appear in contrast with the other teeth and your facial features. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, the eye is fallible because it can be tricked into seeing a different color just by changing lighting conditions or surrounding colors.Although an object may appear one color in one lighting condition, it may look subtly different under another lighting condition.

Your dentist will patiently work with you to choose just one color for your crown, but keep in mind that the crowns will often use multiple tones, in order to look more natural. This is because your natural teeth are not composed of just a single color. A variety of shades will assist in avoiding a fake appearance. A distinctively formed surface area on the crown will also make the crown appear more natural by making unique ridges on the ceramic tooth.

To keep your teeth pearly white, regular brushing and flossing is necessary as well as dental cleanings. You should also be careful when consuming food and drink that stain teeth easily like coffee or wine.

While your new crowns are being fabricated, you will be given temporary crowns in the meantime. Click here to find out more information about temporary crown care.