PPO Coverage with Cigna

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PPO Coverage with Cigna

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Our dental office accepts PPO insurance plans, including those who are covered by Cigna. Cigna is a dental insurance provider that allows you to pick your own dentist.

Cigna offers employer-provided dental PPO plans for groups of various sizes. Since there are many types, you should check your plan to find out what services are covered and to what extent.

Cigna also provides multiple dental PPO plans for Individuals and Families. These plans include Cigna Dental Preventive, which does not have a yearly maximum or deductible and also 100% coverage of preventive and diagnostic services through network providers. This plan also offers discounts on other services.

The Cigna Dental 1000 and Cigna Dental 1500 plans offer coverage of preventive, diagnostic and restorative services with a $50 deductible for individuals or a $150 deductible for families. The maximum benefits are respectively $1,000 and $1,500.

Please visit cigna.com for more details.

With coverage from Cigna, and the skills of our dentists, you should not worry about your oral health. Make an appointment with our dental office in the South Bay and we’ll make sure you are taken care of. We are on the Palos Verdes Peninsula near Bristol Farms. See all PPO Insurance options here.

DISCLAIMER: This information is subject to change on behalf of the insurance company. We are providing this as an informal guide to help you determine which services at our office are covered by your insurance. For more detailed information, please see the insurance company’s website or call the customer service or member services number listed on most insurance ID cards. Updated as of 7/12/2016. The above logo & trademarks are property of Cigna.