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Potential denture options depend on your specific situation. You and one of our expert dentists will decide what is the most comfortable and efficient option for you. This depends mainly on your dental condition, however financial priorities can also be considered. Here are several scenarios to aid your decision.

  • Replacing one or two teeth – It is recommended that one or two missing teeth are replaced with a dental bridge, especially an implant bridge between the adjacent teeth. If you prefer a denture, a flexible or snap on denture may be possible. The flexible denture is very comfortable, it fits the gums well, and has good durability. The location of the missing teeth should be considered.
    • Molars – molars, especially, the lower back ones take greater chewing impact, and a flexible denture may not be the best option. A dental bridge would be a better choice.
    • Upper front teeth or bottom teeth – Upper front teeth or bottom front teeth do not take as much stress as the back teeth or molars. Their appearance is important and partial dentures with well-matched colors will be comfortable and a good fit in this scenario.
    • One or two back molars – You should do without a wisdom tooth if it needs replacement. This will not affect your chewing ability or smile. If two or more back molars are affected, an implant supported denture is recommended. A partial denture may also be comfortable and durable.

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  • Replacing a large number of teeth – If a large number of teeth need to be replaced, consider a flexible partial, or an implant supported denture.
  • A Complete or Full Denture – When multiple or all teeth need to be replaced, a complete or full denture is needed. The complete denture can be flexible, or implant supported. However, implants are more expensive.

Make an appointment with our dental office so we can help find the best denture option for you. Our skilled dentists will answer your questions and make sure you are confident in your choice. We are in the South Bay near by Bristol Farms on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Click here for know more about dentures.