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To relieve toothache pain,  the underlying cause must be treated. Some of the treatment options are:

  • Treating Teeth Sensitivity – teeth become hypersensitive when they develop cavities, or when the tooths inner-layer of pulp is exposed. Treating this usually involves removing the infected cavity, then it is restored with a suitable filling material. Tooth sensitivity can also be lessened with dental sealants or by applying topical fluoride to the affected teeth.
  • Treatment for Toothache due to Reversible Pulpitis – While your are examined, one of our expert dentists will determine if the pulpitis is reversible or not. If the pulpitis is reversible, treatment just involves coating the exposed pulp with an antibacterial lining, then restoring the tooth to stop the toothache.
  • Treatment of Toothache due to Reversible Pulpitis – If the pulpitis is reversible, a root canal procedure must be performed. This involves the complete removal of the infected pulp from the tooth crown as well as the roots. Next, the hollow tooth is thoroughly cleaned disinfected and finally the tooth’s interior is filled with an inert material.
  • Tooth Pain Remedies for Temporomandibular Joint Problems – an unbalanced bite, or excessive teeth grinding are the most common causes of TMJ issues. Treatment involves  a dentist prescribed nightguard to prevent teeth grinding, and a splint to ensure that the bite is balanced on both sides.
  • Treatment of Dental Pain due to Peri-coronitis – this condition happens when the soft tissues around a partially impacted tooth are inflamed. Meticulous oral hygiene maintenance and warm saline rinses can provide temporary relief. Extractions of the impacted teeth is a permanent solution for this kind of tooth pain.

Signs of Long Term Tooth Pain

If you eXperience tooth pain it indicates an underlying issue with your oral health. Although some toothaches only last for a short time, others are ongoing and can only be relieved for good when the underlying cause is removed or treated. If you have any of the following symptoms as well as a toothache, then it usually indicates that the pain won’t stop on its own and come visit our dentistry:

  • Continuous Pain – if you are experiencing ongoing pain for over 2-3 days, that does not go away with pain medication, then make an appointment with us immediately!
  • Fever – fever with dental pain indicates an inflammation of the dental tissues, make an appointment with us as soon as possible.
  • Swelling – Tooth inflammation or infection, gums or periodontal tissues is also causes localized swelling. If you feel a swelling around a painful tooth, you should visit us immediately.
  • Pus Discharge – if you see pus oozing from a tooth, it indicates an underlying infection. Visit us immediately, so that the infection can be treated.

If you have severe tooth pain, make an appointment with our office to further discuss your situation and case. We are located near Bristol Farms on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, and we serve the entire South Bay area. For more information about what services we offer, click here.