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DF3 dentistry

A healthy lifestyle is key to leading a happy life.  A gorgeous smile and healthy teeth will  improve your quality of life. At Rolling Hills Dental Group, we strive to do just that by providing our patients with exceptional dentistry services from highly trained dentists and caring staff.  We offer the latest advances in cosmetic dental care and strive to make each  patient’s appointment pain free and as comfortable as possible.

Comfortable and Convenient Dentistry for All

Our approach is to treat each patient as an individual. We care, listen and apply our dental excellence to each of our patients. If you have a dental problem, we will education you on the cause of that problem and apply an individual approach by using the latest technologies to improve and enhance your dental and overall health. We want you to look and feel your best.

Convenient Availability

We understand how busy you are and that making a trip to the dentist is not always easy to find time for. We are open 5 days a week for your convenience and our staff is always on call. We offer a complete range of dental services in a comfortable and friendly environment.

Great Community Dental Service

We want all of our patients to have a positive experience and feel like they are cared for and getting the right treatment. Our skilled dentists understand that your comfort is just as important as receiving great dental care.  We offer sedation dentistry and anxiety free dentistry options to make sure your appointment is comfortable and stress free.

Comprehensive dentistry

We welcome patients from all walks of life and recognize the diversity of our patients dental needs. This is why we offer many dental services ranging from: routine dental exams, implants, root canals, veneers, clear braces and more. Our relationships with our patients make our work fun and rewarding. We don’t want you to feel like visiting us is a chore, we want you to feel welcome, secure with your health and confident in your smile.

Insurance and Payment Options

There are many ways you can finance your dental care, we accept: credit cards, PPO insurance, and offer Care Credit plans.  If you have any questions or concerns about our payments or financing please feel contact us, we are happy to help.

A Bit More About Us

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Receive excellent dental care from the best reviewed dentists in the South Bay. Make an appointment at our office near Bristol Farms on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Let us help you enjoy a more beautiful, healthier smile that you will enjoy for a lifetime. For more information on our dental services and team, see more here.