Dental Implants for Senior Patients

DF3 Dental Implants

Can senior patients (over 65, 70, 80) benefit from dental implants?

Many people start losing their teeth as they advance in age. This can cause major limitations on their quality of life, facial appearance, and socializing. Dentures have been the traditional option, however, they have limitations. Implants are a much better choice when compared to upper or lower dentures and they are much stronger than a partial implant or a fixed bridge. Implants have a more natural appearance, do pose eating limitations, do not require removal for cleaning or before bed, and they will not slip or fall off at the wrong moment.

Conditions of permanent dental implant placement for patients over 65 or 70, 80

Whether it’s one implant, multiple teeth implants, or a full mouth reconstruction, implants are an excellent choice for permanent teeth replacement. The only requirement is a detailed medical and dental check-up. The check-up will determine if you are a candidate for implants.  Implants give stable support to dentures because they attach firmly to the jaw bone. But if the jaw bone is too weak to support them, additional measures may be necessary.

Chronic, uncontrolled diabetes, and other diseases that reduce the body’s immunity will typically be a factor against implants.

Implants require surgery, and recovery may be slower due to reduced immunity. The exam is also required for determining whether the jaw bone is strong enough to hold the implant in place under chewing stress. Insufficient bone is not an issue, bone can be grafted at an extra cost. In short, most ‘healthy’ seniors can get implants to replace their teeth with natural-looking, comfortable dental implants.

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