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Find Comfortable Denture Options

Potential denture options depend on your specific situation. You and one of our expert dentists will decide what is the most comfortable and efficient option for you. This depends mainly on your dental condition, however financial priorities can also be considered. Here are several scenarios to aid your decision. Replacing one or two teeth – […]

Caring for your Dentures

Dentures – Eating Limitations Dentures restore your smile, chewing and speaking ability. However, you must be careful of what you eat to avoid damage. Here are two lists of foods you should be careful eating and foods you should avoid. Foods to Be Careful with- Avoid or be cautious while eating Acidic Foods: Such as […]

Remedies for a Toothache – Dentist Palos Verdes

To relieve toothache pain,  the underlying cause must be treated. Some of the treatment options are: Treating Teeth Sensitivity – teeth become hypersensitive when they develop cavities, or when the tooths inner-layer of pulp is exposed. Treating this usually involves removing the infected cavity, then it is restored with a suitable filling material. Tooth sensitivity […]

PPO Coverage with Metlife

Our dental office accepts many different types of PPO plans. Metlife is a PPO dental provider that conveniently lets you pick your own dentist. Metlife provides a group PPO plan which is known as the Preferred Dentist Program. Employer-provided PPO insurance from Metlife, usually uses this plan. Covered dental services are reduced from 15% to […]

Causes of Severe Toothache – Palos Verdes Dentist

Pain around the teeth, gums, and the jaw bone is referred to as a toothache. Even if you take good care of your oral hygiene, you can still suffer discomfort from dental pain. If you are experiencing persistent tooth pain in one of your teeth or the surrounding area, do not ignore it. You should […]

PPO Coverage with Cigna

Our dental office accepts PPO insurance plans, including those who are covered by Cigna. Cigna is a dental insurance provider that allows you to pick your own dentist. Cigna offers employer-provided dental PPO plans for groups of various sizes. Since there are many types, you should check your plan to find out what services are […]

Invisalign vs. Traditional vs. Ceramic Braces

How Do Clear Braces Work? Clear braces are formed with translucent ceramic. The wire braces frame is called the “arch wire” which runs along the teeth to hold the braces in place.The strong steel wire pressures the teeth in the correct direction through brackets placed on each tooth. The brackets are fixed to the teeth […]

Best Reviewed Dentist in Palos Verdes

A healthy lifestyle is key to leading a happy life.  A gorgeous smile and healthy teeth will  improve your quality of life. At Rolling Hills Dental Group, we strive to do just that by providing our patients with exceptional dentistry services from highly trained dentists and caring staff.  We offer the latest advances in cosmetic […]

How to Make Your Pet’s Toothpaste

Many of our patients asked us for a simple recipe for pet toothpaste. This recipe also will help freshen their breath! https://www.facebook.com/PlanetPawsPetEssentials/videos/1074577259283822/

Poor Fitting Crowns Got You Down?

Our “Case of The Week” presents a healthy, natural solution to old, ill-fitted crowns.

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