Point View Palos Verdes

Point View Palos Verdes is a leading attraction that receives many visitors, both local and foreign. The location is well-known for its amazing and breathtaking sites, strategic location and picturesque views. It is located in the famous Palos Verdes Peninsula close to the City of Los Angeles. The 94-acre piece of land offers good views of the Santa Catalina Island, Pacific Ocean, green expansive hills, and the growing town. Some people visit the site to enjoy the natural and beautiful s attractions, other take part in hiking or camping expedition, while some people use the location for television and film production.


Palos Verdes prides on a rich history that has shaped it to what it is today. It was first inhabited by Tongva – Gabrielino Indians 8,000 years ago. The Native Americans occupied the region and had first contact with Europeans in 1542 when Juan Rodriguez, a Portuguese explorer, toured the region. Later on, the Spanish and Mexicans started arriving and settled in the peninsula. A Mexican grant was handed out in 1846 and paved way for the establishment of Rancho Palos Verdes. By the end of 1882, the land ownership had passed from Sepulveda family to Jotham Bixby and then to Japanese farmers. Frank Vanderlip, a representative of wealthy and elite Americans, took ownership of the land in 1882 and started developing it. He however, lost interest in it in 1921 and handed it over to Edward Gardner Lewis.

Point View Attractions

Due to its strategic location, panoramic views and pristine nature, Point View Palos Verdes has become quite popular with nature lovers, television and film makers. It has been and continues to be the shooting location for movies thanks to its expansive land that includes sloping hills, 2-5 acres of gentle land, and flat building pads. Some of the notable films that were shot from this location include Hidalgo, All the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Spiderman, Fun with Dick and Jane, Pearl Harbor, Charlie’s Angels, and The Aviator. The access road has been upgraded and can handle 70-foot long production trucks.

Interesting Sites

Point View lies near some amazing sites that make it a good viewing location. The most notable include Palos Verde hills, Pacific Ocean, Santa Catalina Island, San Vicente Lighthouse, Abalone Cove Park, Lunada bay, wayfarers Chapel, Portuguese bend, and South Coast Botanical garden, Malaga cove Plaza, Palos Verdes Estates, rolling Hills, Rancho Palos Verdes, and Rolling Hills Estates.

Point View is one of the top attractions in Palos Verdes and is worth visiting. You can stop by for weekend getaway, holiday destination, film production, historical exploration and much more.

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