Del Amo Fashion Center

Del Amo Fashion Center Torrance CAThe Del Amo Fashion Center is the premiere shopping destination of Southern California. Located in Torrance, this gorgeous shopping center is home to over 200 stores and features a variety of restaurants and attractions to enjoy. Its upscale “beach elegance” atmosphere is due to its beautiful architecture, massive open space, abundance of natural lighting, and the incorporation of green space such as palm trees and living green walls. It’s a popular local and tourist destination that adds to the charming allure of Southern California.

Brief History

From 1981 to 1992 it was considered the largest indoor shopping center in the world until the opening of the Mall of America that same year. In the beginning the Del Amo Fashion Center was two separate shopping centers, the first being the Del Amo Shopping Center and the second being Fashion Square, both of which were open in the late 50’s and early 60’s.

In 1981 these locations merged in what was called “the marriage of the malls,” with the addition of a food court as well as the acquisition of other stores. Over the years the Del Amo Fashion Center underwent renovations and expansions that made it into the prominent retail destination it is today. Under the recent direction of Simon (known for their unique brand of mall design) the northern and southern portions of the mall were enhanced to include even more stores and entertainment facilities.It’s now home to luxury boutiques as well as brand-name retailers to accommodate the different tastes of their patrons.


What differentiates the Del Amo Fashion Center from other local malls is its upscale atmosphere – it offers more than the run-of-the-mill JC Penny, Nordstrom, Sears, Old Navy staple stores you’ll find almost everywhere. South Bay exclusives such as Kate Spade New York, Z Gallerie, Brook’s Brothers, and Hugo Boss all have their own stores, which offers a unique and personalized retail experience. The food court boasts full-scale restaurants specializing in tasty cuisines. With restaurants such as Great Maple, Lemonade, Din Tai Fung, and BRIO Coastal Bar and Kitchen it’s as if one weren’t simply eating at a mall. With the addition of the AMC Del Amo 18 movie theater patrons can entertain themselves as they shop and eat.

Of course there is much more to the Del Amo Fashion center than what can be said in a few paragraphs. This breathtaking, three-level shopping center has made itself a must-see destination for good reason. Its many stores, restaurants, and features make it one of the best malls in the country, though simply calling it a “mall” does it no service.

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